Strategic purpose

Our strategic purpose is to work with people to survive homelessness and find sustainable housing solutions.

Our values are:

Courage: We acknowledge that achieving our strategic purpose is not easy. The challenges our visitors face are complex and multifaceted. We are courageous in striving for good outcomes for our visitors, for our team and for our service.

Respect: We value each person as being unique and worthy. We do not judge ourselves or others. We treat our team members as respected equals. We focus on listening, not being listened to. We seek to understand and support. 

Integrity: We do what we say we will do. We act in ways that exemplify us as leaders, both as individuals and in our chosen vocation. We strive for consistency and appropriateness.

Inclusiveness: We embrace the richness, uniqueness and diversity of the people we encounter. Their cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and lifestyle provide us with opportunities to learn and broaden our views. We believe in diverse communities.

Empowerment: We are on tap, not on top. We recognise that no matter what situation a person finds themself in, they have strengths that have served them well. We work with those strengths to help people set their own goals and move towards them.

Innovation: We work in challenging times. We recognise that making positive change can be enabled by using our creativity, imagination and sense of adventure. We believe we can all be innovative and creative if we are in the right environment.

 You can access a copy of our strategic plan here: 139 Club Strategic Plan 2015-16