Individual and Family Support

We can help people who are:

  • Homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness, for example, someone who is living in their car, temporarily with a friend, or a person who has been given a week to leave their current housing
  • Housed but at risk of homelessness, for example, a family who are struggling to maintain a tenancy after emergency hospitalisation or losing a job

We can support anyone living in the Brisbane City Council Region and beyond to find accommodation and meet their basic needs for food, hygiene and rest. Some people who live in inner city Brisbane may be eligible for financial assistance to pay rent, utilities, transport costs and purchase food.

We operate from a “housing first” approach. That means we consider that a homeless individual’s first and primary need is to obtain stable housing, and that other issues that may affect the person can and should be addressed once housing is obtained. In contrast, many other programs operate from a model of “housing readiness” — that is, that an individual or household must address other issues that may have led to the episode of homelessness prior to entering housing. 

We work together with visitors by:

  • Meeting immediate needs which may include emergency relief funding, meals, showers, lockers, clothes, a postal address, day beds
  • Providing emotional and practical support including medical care, counselling, allied health services
  • Providing advocacy and assistance to access housing and specialist homelessness services and any other mainstream services
  • Providing information, assessment and facilitated intake to related services
  • Providing support until appropriate referral is complete
  • In the absence of a successful referral, provide support and an interim response where possible